Our outdoor amphitheater is ‘Summer Entertainment Central.’ The amphitheater seats 850 – and there’s additional seating on the grass adjacent to the amphitheater. Admission is free for all events unless otherwise indicated. And all ages are welcome.


August 17,  8pm

Original music and classic rock songs from the ’60s through today. An unforgettable evening of |||
good times and great rock and roll music.

Bob Sell: Bass and vocals

Greg Jatzo: guitar and vocals

Joe Olson: Vocals

Ron Secord: guitar

James Williams: drums



August 18, 5pm – 10pm

Free polka party for the whole family.

Henry Thunander was raised in Bessemer, Michigan. His parents are of Swedish and Italian descent. Hank began his musical career at the age of nine, entertaining people on the Gogebric Range of Michigan. The accordion became Hank’s passion. He’s inspired by America’s Polka king, Frankie Yankovic. Hank played many musical jobs and formed his own band. He has backed many artists including Frankie Yankovic. Hank has repeatedly awestruck crowds with his various styles of music. His extraordinary talent includes polkas, country, standards and classical melodies. In all of his perfomances, polkas are always requested.



August 24, 8pm

The Premier Tribute To The Rock Band Heart!

Their similarity to the sound of Ann and Nancy Wilson has been described as “uncanny,”  drawing the attention of many people, including members of Heart themselves. For the second year in a row, Heartless has been nominated as “Sacramento’s Best Tribute Band” by the Sacramento News & Review newspaper.

Here are some things people have said about Heartless:

“Their goal is being the premier tribute to Heart, and they have succeeded…(Heartless) has made our list as one of the Best Tribute Bands In The World” -Jordonna Lobese (Goldstar Rocks Magazine)

“You guys seem to have the beat of the ‘Heart’ down well. The thing about tribute bands, is the devil lies in the details..pretty damn good!” – Claude Schnell (Dio)

“(Heartless) nails it like nobody’s business!” -Ken Rudolph -Anchorman KMAX- CBS Television

“I was beyond shocked to hear this phenomenal band! I was literally beyond words to describe how damn awesome they are!” – Maureen McCarthy (former road manager for Melissa Etheridge)

“Amazing!” -Lynda Mortensen (promoter- Bay Area Tributes)

When it comes to tribute bands, this is one of the best tribute bands I’ve ever seen! They do an amazing job of covering the ‘70s and ‘80s era of Heart. They capture the sound and feel of Heart exactly. Their versions of Barracuda and Crazy On You will wow you. The singer sounds so much like Ann Wilson, it’s freaky. This band is the ultimate salute to the music of Heart , and is a must see for any Heart fan!



August 25, 8pm

DEF LEGGEND is the most authentic Def Leppard Tribute in the world. They provide an experience of sight and sound unmatched by any other Def Leppard tribute. DEF LEGGEND is made up of veteran musicians mostly local to Dallas, Texas. Their members have a combined 100 years of playing experience and have previously played in very successful bands traveling extensively and performing at some of the most incredible venues and festivals in the country. Such venues would include House of Blues locations in Dallas, Houston, Cleveland, Myrtle Beach and Orlando, as well as The Jack FM Throwback Music Festival in Dallas in 2012, 2013, 2015 and 2016. DEF LEGGEND has also become a favorite of the Casino circuits in Oklahoma and Louisiana. Being referred to as “The next best thing to Def Leppard” is an honor DEF LEGGEND never takes for granted and is a title they work tirelessly to earn show after show.

No one leaves a DEF LEGGEND performance without believing they have just seen the best \

“Def Leppard Tribute Experience” in the world.


August 31, following opening act 

Free Fallin’ is America’s favorite travelin’ tribute to Tom Petty! Free Fallin’ presents its show with the power and passion that went into more than 30 years of Tom Petty’s best-selling songs from “Damn the Torpedoes” through his latest CD “Mojo” (including hits from the Traveling Wilburys).

Free Fallin’s show has the instrumentation to duplicate the sound of the Heartbreakers as well
as the convincing look and costumes that gives you a show that you will never forget.


August 31 (opening for Free Fallin’) & September 1, 8pm

Of course you can “Trust Us.”   Sign right here:  X ______________________________________

By signing above, I confirm that I owe Ponzi Scheme The Band $2,000,000

Seriously — Listen up!

You can trust Ponzi Scheme The Band to deliver on its promises of full-​fledged entertainment and fun. Ponzi Scheme plays cover music from the 60’s, 70’s, 80 ‘s — original and current selections. Ponzi Scheme brings back “horn section” music with the hot dance and classic rock music we all grew up with. You’ll be amazed by the quality of the performance, the full sound and the group’s professionalism.

Ponzi Scheme is a 6-piece band of experienced professional musicians who clearly love performing. Great song choices, fabulous vocals and excellent musicianship all combine for a show that will keep you rocking through the night. You can trust us to entertain you … get up and dance or just sit back and listen.

Our Schemers include guitar, bass guitar, 2 keyboardists, 3 lead vocalists, drums, trumpet and trombone. ​​Our shows can be customized for your particular budget and taste.